a workshop about small-scale production and design

Galata Fotoğrafhanesi Fotoğraf Akademisi-GFFA

Galata Fotografhanesi Academy of Photography is a non governmental organization established in 2004 for training and supporting people interested in press, documentary and amateur photography. Besides the long term Press and documentary Programs, Academy of Photography arranges nonprofit lectures, screenings and exhibitions and publish two magazines with the aim of enhancing the dynamics of progressive social change by creating a photography community that gives voice to the human rights, freedom of expression and alternative media.

For the main room- One option is to design a permanent construction/system to fix the photographs onto the wall for the exhibitions. The other option is to design a better and suit  lighting system  for the photographs on the wall. The other option is to design a portable long desk which is used for the cocktails of the openings or breaks of the lessons.

During the workshop exhibition in October there will be also photograph exhibition about small-scale production in Sishane . This work was realized with collaboration of GFFA and Made in Sishane for the Made in Sishane Book last year.

Photos: GFFA Archive

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