a workshop about small-scale production and design


22-27 March 2012 The Workshop Program

21th of March Wednesday


Meeting with designers to talk about their design concepts/ ideas for the locations, the workshop process, general details, working methods, students, responsibilities, outputs.

22th of March Thursday

Morning – Official start. All workshops will be in the same hall.

Introducing the workshop and  talking about its connection with the biennial theme.

Introducing Made in Şişhane and DQE, the designers and the participants.

Talking about the workshop schedule

After Lunch

The tour in Şişhane and around- meeting with the ateliers and the locations.


Presentation of Sevgi Ortaç Photographer-Artist about multimedia film and photo roman techniques for the worskhop’s outputs.

23th of March Friday

All day-

6 groups will start to production of the product and documenting of the production process with different ways.


Deliberations of the day from each groups

Presentations of films or designers’ works

24th of March Saturday

All Day-

6 groups will continue to production of the product and documenting of the production process with different ways.

25th of March Sunday

Late morning

The 6 teams will make a small presentation to the all group.


All groups will continue to work on their outputs like film, photo process, posters, reports, blog diary and presentations etc.

26th of March Monday

Finalizing the products and finalizing the outputs of the workshop and production process.


Six Groups will share their results and works with the group.

Every group will give their documents and works to the organization team.

27th of March Tuesday

General presentations of all workshops of the biennial (there are 11 workshops).

Organizators of the workshop  will present shortly about the workshop process and some outputs to the other groups and press.


Free time to complete the product and outputs. Giving the last documents to the organization.



28th of March- Wednesday

Departure from Istanbul…

Exhibition Program

15th of October – December 2012

Exhibition will be open during the İstanbul Design Biennial.

15th of October

Opening of the Workshop Exhibition in 6 locations in the area.

12th-18th November 2012       

Discussion, debate and presentations of the workshops

15th-21th January 2013

The workshop exhibition will re exhibit in PASSAGEN 2013 Interior Design Week Köln-Germany.

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