a workshop about small-scale production and design


There will be 6 places which will be part of the workshop and 6 German designers will develop the design concepts and produced with their teams for in around of the Şişhane-Galata Area in Beyoğlu District. There is a short info for each locations in the blog to give an  idea to start the design process before the workshop.

The Locations: Galata Square- Gündoğdu Tea-Coffe House; Galata Square- Okçumusa Primary School; Tunnel Square-Tunnel Passage; Serdar’ı Ekrem Street- Dogan Apartment; Serdar’ı Ekrem Street- GFFA Galata Fotoğrafhanesi;  Şişhane Square- Youth Center of the Beyoglu Municipality; Şişhane Square- Tea Corner in Mektep StreetSerdar’ı Ekrem-Manzara Istanbul Reception;

Because of the limited time we have to clarify the matching of the locations and the designers before the workshop. So, Each Designer should share their 2 choices of the locations with the organizators of the workshop (Aslı&Sabine) until Tuesday Morning( 20th of March). After matching the locations with each designer, they will share her/his design concepts with the group on Thursday Morning at 22th of March.  Some of the owner of the locations want to see the design concepts before the producing. So the teams will visit the locations  to talk and share the design concepts with the owners to take a feedback at the same day.

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