a workshop about small-scale production and design

Okcumusa Primary School

Okcu Musa Primary School is composed of several old buildings forming two courtyards. One of the courtyards is used as the entrance of the school and the second one is used as a playground. One option is to develop designs of lighting, playful bank etc for the courtyard which is the  entrance hall. Besides the courtyard, there is also a canteen space. Another option would be to develop designs for the canteen area. The current canteen lacks charm and cosiness (besides its blue colored walls). Designs for lighting, table, chair,bank, bulleting board etc. could help to change this space to a more child friendly environment.

It is important  to design something useful and friendly for the school because the children will meet with design in this ages and may be in a first time. And also there is a need to support  their places with design in a more friendly way.

It’s the designer’s choice to develop something on her/his own or to develop something with the children’s participation. Currently, some of the children receive “design & technology” class. But we have to know it before the workshop to organize a participatory meeting with you.

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