a workshop about small-scale production and design

Sabine Voggenreiter

Sabine Voggenreiter/Design Quartier Ehrenfeld

M.A., studied literature, philosophy and the history of art (also under Heinrich Klotz) in Marburg. In the 1980s she was in charge of the Pentagon Gallery in Cologne. In 1989 she founded the PASSAGEN design festival which takes place every year and has become the largest design event in Germany. In 1999, together with Kay von Keitz, she established the architecture forum plan – Forum aktueller Architektur in Köln (plan – Forum for Modern Architecture in Cologne), a flagship project which is part of the building culture initiative of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development of the land North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2009 her project “Design Quartier Ehrenfeld – DQE” was the winning project of the North Rhine-Westphalia’s competition Create.NRW for the culture and creative scene. In the frame of DQE she established the annual festival “popdesignfestival – pdf“, the annual fashion event “MODus“ and started a project on urban agriculture. She organises and curates exhibitions and arranges competitions, workshops and symposia in the fields of design, architecture and art.

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