a workshop about small-scale production and design


There will be 6 teams/working groups for 6 exact locations in and around Şişhane, Galata and Tunel districts. Each team has one leader  which is professional designer from Germany as a mentor with 4 interdisciplinary students. The workshop will be open to both German, Turkish and international students from industrial design, interior design , visual-graphic design, architecture and film departments in total 9 German – 15 Turkish students.  The teams will talk-discuss about the design concepts which are developed by the German designers for the exact locations which are in and around the district with the owner of the locations and the organizers. The production process will be realized by each team in the Sishane area. Every production route and experience with the ateliers and people in the area will be documented by the teams. The workshop will focus the production routes and experiences through the product. Every team will document the process with different mediums-tools like  a short film, sketches, interviews, diary blog, photo- story, fanzines and posters. They will develop these mediums related to the exhibition in their locations.

During the workshop, each member of the team should take a mission. There are some suggestions in below but each team can redefine these roles of the members.

A blog writer: One person from each team will work for the blog to put short and enough info from their process in the field daily.

2 Recorders: Two People from each team will record the process by camera and photograph and/or sound recorder, iphone

A pointer: One person from each team will point the important moments by making sketches, taking notes, mapping of the process routes or point of their all stops in the map.

Each team will record their process and reflect their experience by different ways during the workshop. They are responsible to work on these rough documents to create some visual, written materials for the exhibition and presentation.

The all works will take place in biennial web page, biennial book and map. And also will exhibit with the products in their locations and present during the biennial time between October-December 2012 in Istanbul and re exhibit in January 2013 in Koln.

Each team will decide to how they can exhibit these materials in their locations with the products to show the process in a better way during the workshop.

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