a workshop about small-scale production and design

Design Quartier Ehrenfeld-DQE

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Design Quartier Ehrenfeld – DQE is a winning project from North Rhine-Westphalia’s Create. NRW competition for cultural and creative enterprise and runs with funds of the European Union. The project got started with the objective to transform successively the former “working-class neighborhood” as an example of a dynamic centre for young international design, including experimental, non-straightforward design, and to establish a distinct and sustainable identity over the medium term. For this purpose, workshops on relevant new fields of design and district-, or ‘quartier’, -specific themes are offered and collaborations initiated to develop strategic concepts for structuring the Ehrenfeld district spatially and conceptually.

One of the recurrent events in the city district Ehrenfeld is the Design Parcours Ehrenfeld as part of the famous design event PASSAGEN – Interior Design Week Köln. DQE has launched two new independent events, set to take place annually: popdesignfestival – pdf, the new crossover festival with pop music, design and urbanism in conjunction with Sound of Cologne, an Ehrenfeld-based creative cluster, while MODus is the Ehrenfeld network for fashion and style.

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