a workshop about small-scale production and design

Gündogdu Tea-Coffee House

The owner of the Gundogdu Cafe told that the building is almost 100 years old. The building is next to the Galata Tower in Galata Square. The cafe is well  used by the local residents, craftsmen, shopkeepers, tourists, students, artists etc. He is the owner and director of the cafe for 35 years. He was born in an old building which is next to the cafe in Galata. He was renovating-decorating the cafe when we asked him to use his space as a part of the workshop. He accepted-liked the idea but he wants to see the design sketches before production. The cafe is a classical-old looking style. Wooden and old looking brass are the materials which is used. The option is to design a (one or more than one)  lighting equipment for the ceiling of the big room.

Photos: Archive of Galata Fotoğrafhanesi &Aslı Kıyak İngin

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