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monday – visit again our workshops

At morning we meet us with the owner of Manzara Istanbul and talk with him about our idea. He liked it.

After that we went to 3 more workshops. One for our mirror, for for our wooden tile and then we go back to the workshop were we let make our main construction and checked what he had done already.







Our second day

At the morning we start again with sketches. And then we found our finial one.

Then we started visit the workshop. First it was depessing because everbody said”we cant`t do it. But 

 then we found our workshops. And the best thing was that we got one part of our design as a present 🙂



hard working day/night

We should design a new “table” of  flowers for the Manzara reception.

We worked the day on sketches and discussed our ideas.

The beginning was very hard because we all had so many different ideas, but now we are on the right way and just have our final design.

Tomorrow we have to explain it someone who works at the Manzara reception and hopefully we get a go 🙂

We will see what happens…….

our first day – 22. March 2012

our first day -  22. March 2012

drawing each other with closed eyes for breaking the ice

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