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The Second Day; Tiring, Inspiring, Motivating!

As we decided before, we had a fast beginning. At 9 we met with the director of the school again and the teacher and at the with the kids that we were going to work with. In the classroom there was 20 nine-year old children and we asked them to draw us their dream canteen in 40 minutes. 


Then we moved to the canteen and have an interview with the kids. We asked them some questions like,

*What do you do in the canteen?

*What do you think the problem is with the canteen?

*What is your dream canteen?

*What do you think imperfection is?

The answers were similer but still helpful. When we done with this, we asked some bigger kids to write down their definition of imperfection in one word.


Then we left the school and meet with the others, and went to the plexiglas workshop. Then as we planned before we had to go to the transporting-packaging box (kasa, kafes, sandık) maker workshop. When we were there and talked with the makers we saw that it wouldn’t be as good that we want it to be. Because of the type of the wood, unfinished viewi stability and so on. So we talked with two different makers and they both suggested us to go to a carpenter and one said it would be better to go to the one in Eminönü. We gave a chance to Eminönü and went there to see what we could do. There we founf the carpenter they told us and talked about the box idea. Luckly, he accepted wprking with us on sunday as well so that all the benches, tables and chairs would be ready till tuesday. Hopefully.Image

Our second day

At the morning we start again with sketches. And then we found our finial one.

Then we started visit the workshop. First it was depessing because everbody said”we cant`t do it. But 

 then we found our workshops. And the best thing was that we got one part of our design as a present 🙂



The First Day!

The first day was exciting for all of us. After we set the teams and had some lunch, we had a Şişhane tour around lighting shops and ateliers. During the trip we saw a metal workshop, a few hans(that are commercial buildings have a history from old times of Ottoman Empire) and some lighting ateliers.

Okçu Musa Primary School

After this we went to see the place that we are going to work which is Okçu Musa Primary School. We had a conversation with the director Mr Şadan Yücel Yüksel. We talked a little bit about school, students, our project and the places we may choose as an area. As we planned before we visited the canteen and took some pictures. Now there is already a few tables and chairs. We thought about making the place more cosy and beautiful that the place is been using by the children so it should be designed for children.Later on, in the conversation after school trip we decided to ask some questions to the children in the next day, about their expectation and some definitions. Hopefully we will be done with the design in the end of the second day.


meeting with the craftsman


After deciding on the form of the hanging lamp and discussing it with the tea house owner, we went to the workshop to submit our design to the craftsman. At the workshop, we made a quick mock-up and had the chance to find out possible problems. With the contribution and experience of the master, we made some minor changes on the material and made the final decisions about the dimensions.

some useful contacts.

hard working day/night

We should design a new “table” of  flowers for the Manzara reception.

We worked the day on sketches and discussed our ideas.

The beginning was very hard because we all had so many different ideas, but now we are on the right way and just have our final design.

Tomorrow we have to explain it someone who works at the Manzara reception and hopefully we get a go 🙂

We will see what happens…….

our first day – 22. March 2012

our first day -  22. March 2012

drawing each other with closed eyes for breaking the ice




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