a workshop about small-scale production and design

The Third Day, We Are Doing It!

Third day’s plan was quite intense.

We had to go to the plexiglas workshop first to talk about the frame, that kids can put their drawings in it first.Image

After this quickly we went to the woodworkshop in Eminönü and gave him the measurements and waited until he finishes one bench so that we could bring it back to Şişhane, to the plexiglas workshop to see how it looks when we cover the top and the side of the bench.




But when we were in the wood workshop we saw another woodbox maker and we decided to use them for the lightning with some fabric.Image

So, we went back to plexiglas workshop with the idea of lightning and one finished bench.


In the plexiglas workshop we put the colored pieces on the top and side and saw how it looks, it was quite fine.




Finally, we went to a lightning maker in Şişhane to take a look at the fabric he has. Unfortunately we couldn’t find what we want there. But we have some ideas about it and he suggested some shops to buy. 




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